Turkey Day

I still can’t believe that the holiday season is upon us. I have been totally counting down the days until Thanksgiving… It’s so close I can taste it (especially with the acorn squash recipe below)! How fortunate are we to have a day dedicated to spending time with family and friends, eating, watching football and just being thankful for all that we have!? As you prepare your menu for Thanksgiving Day, consider incorporating some of the health(ier) recipes below!
Take a second to look around and realize how amazing this life is. I encourage each of you to grab a friend or a relative and spend some time giving back to your community this holiday season. Donate your time, a hug or a meal to someone in need because sometimes the impact that you can have on an individual can mean the world to them. Lets spread positive vibes this holiday season!
I am currently taking part in Lauren Gleisberg’s #LGfitmas challenge, which is comprised of daily workout challenges posted to her blog + a huge accountability base on Instagram + occasional recipes, and more! Fortunately, it just started today so it’s not too late for you to get on board! The holidays often times present a number of challenges with holiday parties, treats and more but I am looking forward to mixing up my routine with this challenge and holding myself accountable. PSA: Lauren offers variations so you can do the exercises at home, no excuses!
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Fall Favorites

As of September 23rd, it is officially fall. The colder temps are yet to come but the rain has been relentless as hurricane Jacquin (are they running out of “J” names or what!?) makes its way through the Atlantic. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are filling Instagram newsfeeds all over the world, Halloween decorations line the shelves and fall fashion is soon to strike.
With that, school work is piling up and the motivation to complete assignments before their due date has departed with the sunshine. Nevertheless… looking forward for whats to come this fall is keeping my spirits high as the leaves begin to change.
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