Goal Setting

“The problem with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” –Bill Copeland
Goal setting is a very important aspect to not only developing a fitness or nutrition plan, but to improving your everyday life. Regardless of how big or small your goal may be, goal setting and sufficient scheduling and planning is very important. First and foremost, goals help to ensure that a fitness or nutrition plan is moving in the right direction. They give you focus by providing a mental target.
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My Story

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From a young age, my mom always made an effort to feed me and my sisters food that was as natural as possible, with as few artificially added colors and flavors, preservatives and ingredients. I always felt like I was missing out from the fun and colorful snacks that my friends were eating.
My parents also pushed me to participate in a number of different sports, ranging from basketball (which I was not very good at…) to soccer, and eventually tennis. As a result, today I am a division one athlete, playing tennis at the highest level while obtaining a great education. I am extremely health conscious and frequently look to my mom for advice and new recipes that I can count on being extremely healthy. As I get older and tennis becomes more demanding, I can better understand the importance of a balanced diet. I have also developed a love for yoga. I have found that yoga benefits my life in many ways and helps me to be more patient and relaxed in my everyday life.
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