Shine Organics Saves the Day

Now that I’m a working woman (lol), I’ve committed to packing my own lunches every day for a number of reasons: usually healthier, saving some $, + I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with some new recipes! However, it gets old… quick. I feel like I eat the same thing every single day so when I first tried these Shine Organics pouches, I was so excited to have a new little lunchtime snack. They’re sweet enough for the perfect dessert but they are also great for a mid-morning snack or afternoon pick me up. The pouch is the perfect for on-the-go. After yoga class, post spin sweat, or on the way home from work – I keep one in my bag at all times because you never know when hunger will strike.  Plus they’re all organic + non-GMO… win!

They come in 4 flavors: .01 Apple, guava, + strawberry, .02 Banana, pumpkin, coconut, blackberry, vanilla (my fave!), .03 Banana, carrot, mango, + orange, & .04 Pear, celery, coconut + lime (my store didn’t have this in stock). Plus theyre loaded with lots of good things like: chia, turmeric, wheatgrass, + green tea.

P.S. They’re best chilled!

Where to buy them: Target (I mean, duh… they have it all don’t they?!). They’re located right by the applesauce. They’re also available on Amazon. Check out their store locater to find one near you!

My friends over at Shine Organics are sharing a coupon for $1 off a 4 pack… get it HERE.

We needed bolder flavor and better nutrition from our snacks. Shine Organics was created to make superfoods more accessible. At home or on the go, feed yourself nature’s best — real fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, and nutritious superfoods. Each pouch features a delicious harmony of ingredients, blended to support your entire wellbeing and nourish a healthy lifestyle. Shine from the inside out. -Shine Organics Mission Statement

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