My Beach Essentials

Summer is in full swing + that usually means vacation. When it comes to traveling, I’m definitely an over-packer. Clothes, books, makeup, you name it, I overpack it.

…”What if I need it?”, “but options…”, “Better to have too much than not enough!”…

However, I’m getting a little tired of dragging around a bag that is entirely too heavy + not even touching half the stuff I’ve packed. You could say I’m becoming a minimalist? This week I’m at the beach with my family + I’ve boiled down a pretty solid list of my beach essentials. Give me a bathing suit, a pair of sunglasses, a good book, + I’m set. (Although I’ve found a couple other things that are game changers)

.01 Sunglasses

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I cannot see a thing without a pair of sunglasses. So packing a few pairs of sunglasses for the beach is more than essential, it’s life threatening. The overpacker in me needs a couple different pairs to .01 match my outfit + .02 if I lost a pair… I wouldn’t be able to function.

Nectar sunglasses: Porter + Baltic

I decided to branch out from my usual (boring) black Ray Ban aviators with these Nectar sunglasses. These Baltic aviators with blue reflective lenses are definitely not boring + I’m digging it. BUT let me introduce you to my newest favorite pair: Porter (black frames pictured above). They are the perfect everyday pair. The best part is: Nectar isn’t outrageously expensive so I don’t have to worry so much about losing or breaking a pair, but the quality is exceptional. So, if you want to travel in style + not be completely blinded… definitely check out Nectar.

Primally Pure Lip Balm + Cocokind Eye Firming Oil

.02 Moisturizer

After a long day in the sun, my skin (+ lips) are usually so dry. I’ve found two companies that align with my values + interest in using as few chemicals on my skin as possible, but most importantly, they WORK. I’ve tried so many different products that are more natural but just really do not work as well as their junk-filled counterparts. I can feel good about using these products + my skin thanks me for it. Plus rumor has it that moisturized skin maintains a tan longer.

Cocokind Skincare: An organic skincare line focused on superfoods, no preservatives + no chemicals. They offer so many different products, which I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet but this Eye Firming Oil has been a dream. It goes on super light + leaves your skin feeling super soft.

Primally Pure: Made with all organic, fair-trade ingredients, + essential oils. I have actually tried a few of their many products + I cannot say enough about them. Firstly, their natural deodorant actually WORKS. It goes on light + it’s not chalky. I have the lemongrass scent, which is refreshing + long lasting, even during a ridiculously sweaty workout. Secondly, their almond + vanilla body butter… YES PLEASE. I wish that I could eat this stuff, it smells like a dream + it’s extremely thick + moisturizing. Lastly, this peppermint lip balm. Guys, I’m obsessed (if you couldn’t tell). I always carry it with me + I am constantly reapplying. It’s so smooth on my lips + the peppermint (essential oils) is so minty fresh. Plus: check out those awesome ingredients!

Barney Butter: Cocoa + Coconut Almond Butter

.03 Snacks

There is something about sitting on the beach that makes me SO hungry, so having snacks on hand is a must. These Barney Butter snack pack’s are so easy to pack + awesome to squeeze right on to apple slices. They make for a mess-free, on the go snack. They also have dip cups that are super convenient!  (plus you can save 20% using quad20 at checkout)

Other snacks that I love to have on hand: protein bars (I’ve been loving GoMacro + the new Detour Smart Bars in Cookie Dough flavor), nuts, + pretzels.

.04 Conscious Period Organic Tampons

This is one of those “what if’s” that I over pack. We’re often times so worried about organic food + organic skincare, but what about organic tampons? Well it kinda freaked me out when I found out that the FDA doesn’t require any ingredients to be labeled on period products. Surprisingly, they’re usually treated with chemicals, bleaches, + dyes… eek! Luckily, however, these Conscious Period tampons are better for you + for the environment. BETTER YET, for each box that you buy, they donate a box of tampons to a homeless woman in the USA.

Now that I’ve shared mine, what are your vacation “must haves”?

*This is NOT a sponsored post.


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