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It’s no surprise that some grocery stores will charge you a pretty penny, while others are much more friendly for your budget. Who wouldn’t want to save money on something that you are already doing!? But what if you’re not willing to sacrifice quality for a cheaper alternative? This summer, I’m tackling different grocery stores throughout the country to show you some tips + tricks to saving money on your weekly grocery bill. Good news: You don’t always need to sacrifice quality for cost… because this week, I’m showing you how depending on the store, you can save almost $20 on the EXACT same products. Exact same brand.

.01 Sales. Highly, highly recommend taking advantage of sales at your local grocer. Subscribe to their weekly email list, check the newspaper, use manufacturers coupons. One week, there may better sales at a particular store, whereas another week it may be another store. Sales can be a big money saver when they are on products that you usually buy. Watch out for buying products “just because they are on sale”. This can lead to money wasted… only buy products that you need + know you’ll use (especially perishables).

.02 Stock up. Okay, not in excess because that’s another issue, but if you know that you will need something + most importantly USE something… buy it when it’s on sale.

.03 Plan ahead. By making a list, your trip to the store is much more structured + prevents you from buying more than you’ll need (which = money wasted). You can even use my free grocery list + meal planning printable!

On this weeks edition of Grocery Games, I compared my weekly grocery list (consisting of the usual produce, dairy products, snacks, + essentials for lunches & dinners). Obviously, some hauls are bigger than others & often times, I only have to buy some things every other week. I did not take advantage of any sales or frequent shopper discounts in the experiment.

For the purpose of my experiment, my list was as follows:

5 bananas

1 container of strawberries

1 cucumber

1 tomato

1 head of romaine lettuce

2 avocado

3 fuji apples

1 Land o’ Lakes half + half

1 dozen Egg Lands Best organic eggs

1 Barilla rigatoni

1 Colavita evoo

1 Sabra hummus

1 Rold Gold tiny twists

Since I do not eat meat, I did not include any in my research. In addition, most of the products were non-organic (with the exception of the eggs) for best comparison between stores. The cost of each of the different products does not consistently vary from store to store so for the purpose of this experiment, I focused the total cost of my usual grocery list. Prices will vary when considering the differences between organic/non + brands/off-brand but were not taken into consideration. In the instance that a particular store did not carry the brand mentioned above, I chose a very similar product.

When comparing the EXACT same products + brands, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Publix, + Kroger came to very different totals before tax (as listed below).

Food Lion: $40.23

Harris Teeter: $58.15

Publix: $42.73

Kroger: $52.89

As mentioned above, Whole Foods did not carry all of the specified brands so substitutions were made for similar products. The total came out to: $46.09.

With a difference of $17.92, Harris Teeter + Food Lion offered the exact same products, while the other totals fall everywhere in-between. So… there really is no need to sacrifice quality for cost! Some simple substitutions or changes, something as simple as where you shop, can save your family money. Throughout these next couple of weeks, I will be venturing out to more of my local retailers to find the best deals for you.

Interested in a specific grocer or topic? Leave a comment below!

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