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I take lunchtime very seriously. Mid-day hunger is no joke + I always make sure that I pack enough snacks to last me throughout the afternoon.

Salad + Dressing // Rice Crackers

Whether you’re hitting the road this summer, relaxing by the pool, or packing a lunch for your kids to take to camp… This lunch box is so much fun to bring along! Maybe it’s my type A personality, but the organization is all that I could ever ask for. Boring lunch box turns Bento Box. Cue: Planet Box.

I’ve been having a lot of fun mixing + matching different combinations. The more colors, the better… So I’ve been loading my box with lots of fruits + veggies (pretty + healthy, win win). Silicone cupcake holders have become my best friend to separate snacks… super cheap + eliminates waste. Plus… it’s super durable, just one piece so it’s easy to clean (just throw it in the dishwasher), + it helps to cut down on a whole lot of trash. No need to deal with packing different Ziploc baggies or shuffling through Tupperware lids.

P.S. Buying in bulk is now 1000x easier because you can just throw a handful or two in your box.

Pasta // Broccoli

Only complaints I have: you can’t microwave the box (unless you have the glass insert that Planet Box sells) & you can’t carry the box vertically if you have wet + dry foods together… One side of the box will leak into the other. Also, it is a little pricey (especially compared to other lunch box options) but this one is super durable + I hope it will last me for years to come. Plus I save money on containers + baggies I would be buying otherwise! It also has a 5-year guarantee.

Tofu + Veggie Egg Rolls // Watermelon

Planet Box offers a few different sizes of lunch boxes (mine is the Shuttle Box), which I have found to be the perfect size for an entrée + a snack. There are a couple bigger options that hold more food. The boxes come with an insulating bag that makes it super easy to carry your box + it also keeps it cool (especially if you throw an ice pack in). They also sell a bunch of different accessories that can be super helpful in packing, such as glass containers so that the food can be reheated or leak-proof little containers for dressings or sauces. They offer different magnet decorations for the outside of the lunch box (great for kids). Although the Planet Box tends to be directed towards kids, it’s perfect for adult lunches!

This post is not sponsored, just sharing my experience with the Planet Box lunch box. I’m so mesmerized by the #planetbox hashtag on Istagram and the “Meal Ideas” on Pinterest or Planet Box website, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with some new combos + I cannot wait to share with you all this summer.

What’re some of your lunch essentials? Mine are a salty snack + something sweet (always!!!)

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