That time I tried a meal delivery service

It definitely isn’t worth the cost. But the food won’t be fresh. I can’t pick out what I like. …The thoughts that went through my head in reference to a meal delivery service. Boy was I wrong. Nervous + excited, I picked out the meals that I would receive from Sun Basket. A typical order consists of 3 meals for 2 people (so 6 meals in total). The only disappointment that I ran into, is that you have to pick meals + place an order for a couple weeks in advance. Understandable, but once you place your order, you want it right away.

The website is so much fun to look at. You’re able to scroll weeks in advance to view the meals that you can choose from (including pics)… Each more mouth-watering than the next.  Every week offers a wide range of different meals, offering fish, meat, + vegetarian choices. They even offer some breakfast options. Better yet, you’re able to view the exact recipe… so if you’re in need of recipe inspiration, check out their menu.

Order: Placed. Now the waiting game starts…

Ding, ding, ding… My Sun Basket arrived. Everything was packed neatly on ice, in a large cooler. To my surprise, everything was incredibly fresh & still cold (I would hope… considering the meat + dairy). Each of the three meals were packaged separately in brown bags with every. single. ingredient. that you will need for the recipe. PLUS a fantastic recipe card that clearly lays out all of the instructions. (Also great for saving + making the recipe later).

Sun Basket is committed to offering all (if not, most) organic/non-GMO + humanely, non-antibiotic, hormone free meat + seafood. As you can see, each of the ingredients come in individual packaging which is so convenient. Each meal averages out to about $11.50, although they have recently expanded to offer family sized meals, which serve 4 people, + average about $9 per meal.

First up, cauliflower + black bean tacos… topped with pickled cabbage. Delish.

Secondly, chilaquiles topped with fresh radishes + avo.

Third, a thai cabbage salad, topped with a lemongrass dressing.

Lastly, a tuscan veggie soup, topped with shaved parmesan + homemade croutons.

Sun Basket turned out to be such a great experience. It took the guesswork out of trying a new recipe. The food was delivered to my doorstep + incredibly fresh. All organic + non-GMO, at a reasonable cost… what more can you ask for?

Since I had such a fantastic experience, my friends over at Sun Basket are offering you all $30 off your order by clicking HERE. (I do not profit, just passing on the savings).

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