Homemade Nut Milk

Fresh nut milk: As easy as making a smoothie.

I didn’t know much about making your own nut milk, but I used to be under the impression that it was this long, difficult process & it was just easier + cheaper to buy it from the store. PLOT TWIST. Y’all, it’s so simple… + the taste of freshly made nut milk, with a little froth on the top, is to die for.

PLUS: You can add any flavors that you want! Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, unsweetened, lightly sweetened.

For my first batch, I made almond milk + I’ve never really been a huge fan of 1) drinking milk just by itself & 2) almond milk, because I’ve always found it to be more watery + less creamy than it’s dairy counterpart.

I soaked my almonds overnight & the next morning blended them up. I ended up using a little bit less water than some recipes called for, because as I said, I didn’t want it to be too watery. + I added a dash of cinnamon, vanilla extract, + one date for a natural sweetener. It had the most dreamy, creamy, almond flavor + I was hooked.

Since this was my first time, I wasn’t willing to invest too much ($$) into the process because I didn’t know what to expect. I bought a cheap cheese cloth to strain the mixture. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret… The almond mixture that is left behind can be used to make crackers, energy balls, almond flour, you name it… It’s literally just ground up almonds.

So, as I said… after I blended the mixture on high for about 2-3 minutes (just to make sure it was reaaaally blended), I poured the mixture over the cheese cloth (with a bowl underneath to catch the milk). Then, I squeezed the cheese cloth to get all of the goodness out + the milk was ready to be enjoyed. I bottled it up + it lasted for about 5 days in the fridge!

One note… since this is fresh almond milk, unbeknownst to me, it separated when I put it in a hot cup of coffee. After a quick Google search, it came to my attention that this is common. There were a number of different methods that you could “treat” your milk so that it wouldn’t separate. One being: heat it up in the microwave before putting it into a hot cup of coffee/tea. Another: heat it up on the stove, then store it + it won’t separate. 

I tried the later method, it did not work so in the meantime, I will continue to search for an answer to this problem. 

Once I was hooked, I decided to try to make hemp milk (using hemp seeds). This was even EASIER because you don’t have to soak the seeds. You just mix water, hemp seeds, any flavors or sweeteners + blend blend blend. I enjoyed the hemp milk but I found it to be a little bit more sour than the almond milk + less creamy. I will have to continue to experiment with this & perhaps add a little extra sweetener. Since I’ve become fully invested, I decided to try a nut milk bag when straining.

Ok… well my life has been changed forever because this made the clean up process a million times easier. 1) I’ve found cheese cloths to be very difficult to clean (with all of the tiny little pieces of almonds); 2) I don’t have to go out & buy a new cheese cloth every time I want to make nut milk, 3) Nut milk bags can be used for so many things. From straining the “pulp” out of smoothies to make a juice, to brewing cold brew, + most importantly: for nut milks!; 4) When I was done, I literally just RINSED all of the small pieces of nuts left behind, + it came out completely clean in just a couple of minutes. It was so ridiculously easy.

Since I am honestly so in love with my nut milk bag (+ definitely wouldn’t recommend a frequent milk “maker” use anything else), I want to share a code that the lovely people over at Ellie’s Best have offered to you all! You can used code: Briana10 to receive 10% off of your nut milk bag. (I don’t profit at all off of this. I am simply just sharing the love + a great deal with you all.)

Check out some of the recipes below, + of course, let me know if you give any of them a try!

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