Sweet, Sweet Summer Time

Happy Wednesday Y’all! Or shall I say Happy National Wine Day?
If you haven’t noticed, some changes have been made over here on Betox & I’m thrilled to share them with you all!
In other news… IT’S SUMMER! Whooooo… This girl couldn’t be more excited to get a BREAK. During the school year, it feels like my mind and body are always go, go go. Between school, tennis, training and finding time to spend with friends and family, there is little to no time for relaxation. There is always something to do or something due. So to get a little break, to wake up without an alarm clock, to let my mind engage in things other than school is such a relief. As relaxing as it is, I think it’s healthy too! I sure get worn down after the constant racing of my mind, mental to do lists and physically pushing my body.

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Sweet summa time… I can’t wait to use this time to just catch up on the TV shows, the books, the movies, the friends, all the things that I have been missing out on. The problem is, I’m the girl that wants to do it all. When I say I want to do it all, I literally want to do it all. There really are not enough hours in the day. But nevertheless, I work at 300 mph to squeeze as much as I can into my waking hours. My problem is that I want to enrich my brain, I want to read all the books, I want to write all the blog posts, I want to make every recipe, I want to clean my whole house, I want to explore the outdoors, I want to squeeze all the knowledge into my brain, I want to walk my dog, I want to craft, I want to catch up with friends. I’m telling you, I want to seriously do it all… but I can’t. However, I’m challenging myself to make the most of my free time this summer because during the semester, time is so scarce that I want to fill my brain and body with as much as I can.
I never thought I would find myself reading “self-help” books, because let’s be real… can a book really change my life!? Whoa! Maybe not entirely… but they do get me thinking. Sometimes just one quote or idea gets me thinking about so much more.
I started this summer reading Rising Strong by Brené Brown. Previously I’ve heard great things about her books and I’ve seen her on Oprah but I’ve never picked up one of her books. I didn’t realize her books followed a little bit of an order, but nevertheless I read the last one in the “series” and really enjoyed it. In short, she offers an outline to rise strong over the trials, challenges and disappointments of life. Unfortunately, they do not discriminate, they strike everyone at different stages in their lives. But, Brown emphasizes that with practice, one can use a few simple tips to rise strong over these challenges.
Her book previews some common life challenges that either she or her interviewees have experienced, many which are relatable, and how they overcame these challenges to come out better and stronger. Often times we may feel as though we are facing this challenge alone, but this could not be farther from the truth. Each of us are dealing with our own challenges on a daily basis.
One thing that really struck a chord with me is her “form-storm-norm-perform” structure of creating results and rising strong. This process can be applied to a wide range of tasks and difficulties. Firstly, we must FORM a plan of attack or a support group for whatever the issue may be. Once this has been established, we eventually enter a period of STORM, where we endure more challenges, disappointments or unexpected road blocks. With support and determination, it soon becomes the NORM as conflicts are sorted out, roles are established and the focus turns toward the task. Lastly, after this stage we begin to PERFORM and a steady-state is achieved and results may be observed. This cycle is infinite and can apply to nearly any aspect of our lives.


Enough about that… if you’re interested in reading Rising Strong, I highly suggest it! But please, please, please share some of your favorite reads (new + old!). I’m dying to find some new books!
Feel free to take a look around around the new + improved site! For a limited time: 15% off all items in the Shop with code: SUMMER15.
Keep an eye out for a Weekend Round-Up post coming soon!


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