Knock, Knock

Who’s there?
It’s me, Bri!
While I wish I was reporting back to you all with a crazy story about my undercover mission, forcing me to be MIA… Sadly, the tsunami that is college has taken over my life. While that is no excuse for my lack of posts, I am back!
Where shall I begin? Firstly, I’m going to share some of the college-budget friendly things that I have been eating + drinking that are both nutritious & yummy!
In my opinion, kale sometimes gets a bad rep as a “hippie superfood”. But I promise you that there is more to it than a crunchy, leafy green. It is so adaptable to different flavors & easy to prepare. I recently bought a big bunch of kale that lasted me for almost two weeks (did I mention the it doesn’t go bad as quickly as other lettuces?) I was able to use this huge bunch in so many different ways: I froze some for kale, apple + banana smoothies. I sautéed a little bit to put on my egg sandwich & I prepared fresh kale salads for almost two weeks straight, with an olive oil and lemon dressing.
Then… as a part of my new years resolution to try different recipes, I whipped up some chickpea meatballs + spaghetti squash. Before you skip over this idea because it sounds like a gross vegetarian effort at a meat substitute… This meal was incredible (coming from an Italian that loves all things carbs, especially a good spaghetti and meatballs dish!) I mixed a can of drained + blended chick peas, Italian bread crumbs, an egg, cheese & spices. I then rolled the mixture into balls, lightly heated them in a skillet then baked them at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, I baked a spaghetti squash with olive oil & had a wonderful spaghetti and meatball meal for lunch for over a week! One of my favorite things about this recipe was the amount of protein that came with each serving.
I like big (smoothie) bowls & I cannot lie. The thing that I like most about smoothie bowls is the endless combination of flavors + toppings that you can incorporate! From granola & nuts to fresh fruit, a smoothie bowl can be a yummy breakfast or an afternoon snack. Added protein can give it an extra plus, but is optional of course!
Along the lines of added protein, over the course of the couple snow days that North Carolina received, I made protein hot chocolate. Sounds weird, but also like a sneaky way to get some extra protein. I mixed cocoa powder, Vega Chocolate protein & stevia for a creamy hot chocolate that did not taste like protein powder.
I could do a whole post, in & of itself on apple cider vinegar but recently I have been drinking this simple drink: La Croix sparkling water, mixed with two table spoons of apple cider vinegar + a little bit of honey. It’s both hydrating & reaps all of the skincare, digestive, detoxifying (the list goes on…) benefits! Give it a shot if you’d like to try an alternative treatment for an issue you may be dealing with.
Personally, breakfast food in my world can become mundane. I have been mixing it up with what I like to call “apple pie oatmeal”. I peel & slice apples into the oatmeal while it is cooking, with a dash of cinnamon. The apples soften & the mixture tastes like apple pie for breakfast, yum!
Last breakfast idea, I promise! Along the lines of trying new recipes this year… Mug cakes are a great go-to because with an easy base recipe, you can add any flavor that you like, any toppings & even protein powder. Last week I made this mocha mug cake with chocolate protein powder, a splash of coffee, topped with warm vanilla cream cheese + berries.
Finally, this asian inspired rice noodle dish is extremely easy. A mixture of rice noodles, that cook in under 5 minutes, topped with a peanut butter + soy sauce mixture. I added some peanuts for a crunch & a Sriracha drizzle for a little spice.
Overall, with a busy schedule I am a big fan of budget friendly meals that are adaptable to different flavors to prevent getting tired of eating the same thing over & over. I also like to prepare meals for the week that are easy to grab when I am busy or on the go. In addition, cooking in bulk can be more cost effective.
Sending lots of happy vibes to you this weekend… Enjoy the sunshine as the spring season is on its way!
I would love to hear some of your favorite meals below!

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  1. Ah, these foods look amazing! I’m currently living in Thailand and healthy foods like this are hard to come by/they’re expensive/I don’t have a kitchen in my apartment since it’s really common for Thai people to eat out.

    I’ll be moving back home to the U.S. in April and I can’t wait to start over with a healthy diet…one that has been seriously lacking here amongst a plethora of rice and stir fried vegetables.

    1. Wow, I am sure that living in Thailand is quite the experience… Hope that you’ve been having a great time. I am sure that the food is delicious but I know what it’s like to look forward to a good home cooked meal… They are often taken for granted! Enjoy the rest of your time there! xxx

      1. It’s been an amazing experience, for sure! That said, food has been really hard. I’m a pescetarian, and Thai cuisine is very meat based, so I’ve struggled with finding foods that I can eat that make me feel good–especially since rice is a big staple as are stir fried dishes with lots of added MSG. Thai food IS delicious–just eating it every day doesn’t make me feel good…hence, the major food envy I had in reading this post. 🙂

        1. I completely understand… Everything is great in moderation 🙂 You will be back home before you know it and I am sure that you will have a whole new appreciation for the wide selection of food in the states, along with making your own!

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