Staying On Track With A Busy Schedule

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Ahh! I apologize for being slightly MIA these past few weeks. Unfortunately, it is going to continue for just another couple of weeks as I finish up my summer class (which proved to be more demanding and fast pace than originally planned) but I promise I will be back! Regardless of the heavy course load, I have made a great effort to get my workouts in early, eat well and stay hydrated.
I am going to share a few tips and tricks that I have used to fit my workouts in, despite having such a busy schedule.

I usually make a list of my food for the week and pick a designated day each week to go grocery shopping. By doing so, I know what I will be eating for snacks and meals and it prevents me from grabbing “fast food” because I am hungry with nothing to eat. I also tentatively plan out my workouts for the week so that I can make sure that I get everything in and stay on track.
I pack snacks with me wherever I go, ranging from granola bars to baby carrots. Again, this prevents me from picking up food while I am out, simply because I am hungry. More times than not, the food that I would grab would be a less healthy option.
I like to wake up before my 8am class to get my workout in. I completely understand that everyone may not be a morning person, but once you get into a routine it becomes easier to get your body going at an earlier time. I feel much more productive once I have finished my workout early because it leaves the rest of the day to accomplish other tasks.
I carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go to make sure that I am staying hydrated throughout the day. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been drinking at least 100 ounces of water and I have felt great. Water also helps to lessen hunger during times when your body may be confusing it with dehydration and therefore I have been snacking much less than I normally would be.

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Complete each set of 3 exercises, 3 times.
〉15 Bosu Burpees〈
Perform the burpee as normal, balancing on the bosu ball as you jump your feet back, incorporating an optional bosu push up then raising the bosu ball above your head as you jump up.
〉15 V-Ups〈
Laying on your back, keep your feet together and arms extended above your head. Pull your belly button in towards your back, using your core muscles raising your feet up to 90 degrees while crunching up with your arms.
15 Single Leg Tricep Dips
On a bench, chair or stable surface, execute your tricep dips as normal, stacking one foot on top of the other in front of you.
〉15 Lay Down Push Ups〈
Starting in a push up position, lower your body all the way to the floor, reach your arms in front of you then place them back in push up position and lift your body off the ground.
〉15 (each side) Jump Lunges〈
Place your feet in a comfortable lunge position, bend as deep as you can and push up as forcefully as possible. Jump into the air, alternate your legs and land in a lunge position with the opposite leg. Use your arms for added leverage.
〉15 (each side) Bench Jumps〈
Place your legs on one side of a gym bench or other solid surface, placing your hands on the bench in front of you. Jump side to side over the bench, pulling your legs up into your body to work your core muscles.
〉15 (each side) Mountain Climbers〈
Begin in a push up position, with your feet staggered. Quickly alternate bringing your knees up to your chest, pushing off the ground behind you.
〉15 Medicine Ball Squat Press〈
Placing your feet at shoulder width, find a deep squat then on your way up, raise the medicine ball above your head for a shoulder press.
〉15 Plank Jacks〈
In a push up position, place your feet next to each other. Alternate jumping your feet out to shoulder width then back in together.
〉15 (each side) Weighted Step Ups〈
On a gym bench or other solid surface, place one foot entirely on the bench. Step up and push through your legs and glutes.
〉15 Bosu Push Ups〈
Keeping your elbows in tight, complete a push up either with the bosu ball under your arms or your feet.
〉20 Straight Leg Sit ups〈
Keeping your legs straight and arms extended above your head, use your core to crunch up and reach out to your toes.

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