Small Stepping Stones to Weight Loss

Okay, so I am well aware that fitness and health trends come and go but when I saw the latest, it actually blew my mind. No, not the Fitbit but… EATING BANANA PEELS. When I think of eating a banana, I consider the peel trash… compost at best.
When I saw two articles posted back to back, I knew that I had to take a peek to see just what the new craze was all about. “The One Crazy-Delicious, Weight-Loss Food We Know You’re Not Eating”… They would be right; I usually don’t include banana peels in my daily cuisine. I have never and probably will never munch on a banana peel, let alone cook with it… which led me to the next article… “Five Ways to Cook With Banana Peels.” Including but not limited to: Banana tea, which consists of soaking the peel in hot water before drinking it or blending the peel into a smoothie.
(If you’re interested, or don’t believe me… Check it out)

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While banana peels may or may not be the new “weight-loss” food… there are a number of other foods and tricks that you can incorporate into your day to day routine that may encourage weight loss.

First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that it should not be all or nothing. In fact, every small step that you take towards a healthier lifestyle is a step in the right direction. I want to reiterate the idea that it is a healthy lifestyle, meaning there will be days when you will not be able to cook every meal for yourself, you will indulge in desserts, there may not be enough time for the gym, and that is okay. There is a great saying that encompasses this entire idea of creating a healthy lifestyle:
“one meal won’t make you fat like one day at the gym won’t make you skinny”
(or give you abs, or the endurance to run a 5k… whatever your goals may be.)
A diet does not hab43c0f6a759021b175f80eb730c02061ve to be a complete wash of all desserts or carbs. It also doesn’t have to be hours and hours spent in the gym. In fact, it seems as though one is more likely to stick with a plan if they include occasional treats. It is healthy and natural to have cravings, but it also takes willpower to avoid them at times and make better decisions. The reason why many diet plans fail is because after a short time period, someone may have a day where they indulge and give into their cravings, leaving them feeling as though they reversed all of their progress, which is not true. Rather, focus on every decision that you make throughout the day as an opportunity to move in the right direction.
In order to promote weight loss, one must consume fewer calories than they are burning throughout the day. One way to encourage this is to eat smaller portions. By eating the appropriate serving size and skipping snacks, it becomes much easier to track total consumption. If you prepare the food for yourself, it is even easier, knowing what ingredients were incorporated and their associated nutritional value.
Interested in what one serving of fruit looks like?

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 4.45.32 PM

Along this same line, it is important to not skip meals. Many working Americans find it difficult to build in a lunch hour around their busy schedules. This allows you to spread out the calories that you are consuming throughout the day thus keeping your metabolism working at a steady rate, but most importantly it prevents you from grabbing “fast food” because you don’t have time. When in a time crunch, I find myself grabbing snacks and “easy” food, which usually tends to be higher in sugar, fat and calories.

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One of the more obvious things, but often overlooked is to get moving. Whether it is a 10-minute walk or an hour-long gym session, you are burning more calories than you would have, had you sat on the couch and turned on the TV. In my previous post, I’d HIIT That, I mentioned ways that you can get a great fat burning workout in, in under half an hour. The small amount of time that you spend exercising throughout the day adds up.
Lastly, drink plenty of water. At times, your body can confuse dehydration with hunger, thus by drinking water throughout your day, which is not only required by your body but also helps to fight off small signs of hunger, one can reduce the urge to snack. 
These tips, combined with commitment, motivation and the right diet plan can help promote weight loss over time. Adding the small things into your day to day routine can make a big difference.
If you are curious about trying the banana peel recipes, please do so and let me know… I’d love to hear how they turn out!

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  1. Hi I actually eaten a banana peel or skin in my high school days when I joined the last 2 yrs in CAT (Citizen Army Training) to be an officer, it is not too bad actually specially when you are pressured to do so haha!
    Do you know about a banana ketchup? it is yummy too! 🙂
    By the way, I tried to open your recipe but says “page cannot be found” ?? please check it.
    I will check on your blog from time to time when I can and would like to ask you if you have time to check my blog as well if you are interested in my kind of stuff too? Please LIKE or comment that would be great thanks!

      1. the whole lot! it is part of the training they said haha! in Philippines they have their own ketchup made from banana, try it from Asian shops they should have it.

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