Azodicarbonamide… Also known as dough conditioner, this chemical is found in a number of bread products that Americans consume on a daily basis. Better yet, it can be found in yoga mats and shoe soles to add elasticity. It is commonly used to make bread puffier and more able to withstand shipping and storage.

This chemical has been in the limelight most recently when Subway spoke out to say, “Even though this ingredient is safe, we are removing it from Subway bread.” Unfortunately, this chemical is recognized as safe by the FDA but that does not necessarily mean it is healthy. It has become a very controversial chemical because one of the products within azodicarbonamide is urethane, a recognized carcinogen. Another product in the chemical, called semicarbazinde is also known to cause lung and blood vessel cancers in mice.
Additionally, In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive has identified azodicarbonamide as a respiratory sensitizer, meaning that it is a possible cause of asthma. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?
Subway is not the only company that used such a chemical. Other restaurants include Starbucks, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Arby’s, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts!
It is also found in nearly 500 food products on your grocery store shelves.
Check out the list of over 500 foods that contain azodicarbonamide.
 There are some alternatives to your yoga mat sandwich that you may be eating on a daily basis. Look for pure sprouted grains and if you cannot find this, look for whole grain on the ingredient list. Your local Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Earth Fare or Fresh Market should have these options available for you! It is also important to find a bread that has at least three grams of fiber, at least four grams of protein, low in sugar (approximately 1 gram) and less than 150mg of sodium!
Ezekial 4:9 bread is one of the healthiest options you can find at your local grocery store! It is extremely high in protein, contains 18 amino acids, Vitamins C and B, and it is also a great source of fiber.
Even better, Ezekiel 4:9 Flax has a little bit more extra fiber and protein, which will keep you fuller longer. Only freshly sprouded certified organic grains are used, absolutely no flour and no genetically modified organisms. In addition to bread, Ezekiel 4:9 also has tortillas, cereals, pastas and more! Rudi’s Organic bread is also a great option and can be found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.
For many, they see little reason to switch from their everyday Wonder Bread sandwich, but once you make the switch, you will see a great increase in your daily energy and overall well being as your body does not have to work as hard to process these foods! Trust me, making the switch from more processed foods to more natural and organic is worth the cost!
Unfortunately, dough conditioner is not the only chemical that we must be wary of in our breads. High fructose corn syrup, sugar, soybean oil, Mono and Diglycerides, coloring, soy flour, lecithin, and anything to retard spoiling are just a few! A great example of a trap that many people fall into is Pepperidge Farm 100% whole wheat bread or Thomas’ 100% whole-wheat English muffins.  These options are found in nearly every grocery store and are extremely affordable for the average American but once you take a look at the ingredients list, you will see a number of chemicals that stand out despite claiming that it is 100% whole wheat!
I don’t know about you, but chemicals sound more interesting in beakers in my Chemistry lab than in my mouth!
Bread should not last for more than a week- especially outside of the refrigerator!
So next time you go for a yoga mat sandwich, think about all of the chemicals and added sugar that you might be consuming!

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