You Spin Me Right Round

One of my favorite workouts was at Flywheel (Charlotte) and wow! It was so much fun…
For those of you that have never heard about Flywheel, and other similar spinning classes like SoulCycle, it is quite the experience. In a dark room, spinning bikes are arranged in stadium seating, all facing an instructor in the front with a spotlight and microphone.

Loud and upbeat music is played and the instructor directs the class to pedal at a certain speed and resistance during the class.
At times, you may be going uphill, coasting or even doing arm exercises with weights (while still spinning!) Phew! It is quite the workout. The instructors are in great shape… as you can imagine! The music is infectious, forcing you to pedal faster and faster to the beat!
One thing that separates Flywheel from these other spinning classes is the acclaimed (or dreaded) torque board. Each bike in the room has a torque meter, which essentially measures your power throughout your workout. The torque board is shown on a screen in the front of the room above the instructor and lists the rankings of each person and their specific usernames. Another great feature that Flywheel offers is your online profile. When you are finished with your class, you can log in on their website and find out your max RPM, max torque, average speed, average RPM, total distance and approximate calories burned. It is so gratifying to see that you burned almost 800 calories and spun about 22 miles in just 45 minutes!
I will definitely be going back!
But… I did not know that spinning was the new THING!?
There is a number of Lulu-Lemon filled, exclusive spinning studios popping up everywhere!
Cyclebar, Aqua Studio (Under water spinning!), Crank Cycling, Syncstudio are just a few with a similar idea.
These classes do start to get pricey if you pay individually and passes are not much of a deal either so there are a number of spinning workouts that you can do on your own!
Spinning offers a great, high-intensity workout without the imact that running has on your body!

A complete beginners guide to spinning
This spinning workout gives you specific songs and speeds to follow
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