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From a young age, my mom always made an effort to feed me and my sisters food that was as natural as possible, with as few artificially added colors and flavors, preservatives and ingredients. I always felt like I was missing out from the fun and colorful snacks that my friends were eating.
My parents also pushed me to participate in a number of different sports, ranging from basketball (which I was not very good at…) to soccer, and eventually tennis. As a result, today I am a division one athlete, playing tennis at the highest level while obtaining a great education. I am extremely health conscious and frequently look to my mom for advice and new recipes that I can count on being extremely healthy. As I get older and tennis becomes more demanding, I can better understand the importance of a balanced diet. I have also developed a love for yoga. I have found that yoga benefits my life in many ways and helps me to be more patient and relaxed in my everyday life.

First and foremost, a nutritious and balanced diet will help to provide your body with the fuel that it needs to excel in sports, the weight room and the classroom. It also helps to strengthen your immune system and maintain a stable weight and development. It makes me incredibly sad to see girls starving themselves or skipping meals in hopes of getting their dream summer body. One of my biggest goals is to change this because with an appropriate nutrition and exercise plan, there is no need for this! I want girls to embrace their bodies and become the best person that they can be, in whatever way that might be.
A number of factors play a role in overall health and wellbeing including but not limited to stress, friendships and relationships, flexibility (both mentally and physically), sleep, and much more. We each require an individualized nutrition plan and fitness plan that best suits your body type and goals. Goal planning is very important and will be touched on in more detail in a later blog post. Without adequate planning, it becomes difficult for one to stay on track with their goals and what they would like to accomplish. One frustrating conflict that many people find is that a specific plan that worked for one individual does not produce quite the same results in another. Do not let this discourage you, rather push you to develop an individualized plan.
I have come to an understanding that every aspect of your life influences your state of wellbeing. I hope to offer advice, recommendations and answer any questions that you might have regarding your wellbeing and lifestyle. I also aim to open your mind and broaden your knowledge on a number of topics.

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